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November 3, 2023


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A Seamless Blend of Style, Security, and Sophistication

Wrought iron security doors and window grills combine the intricate artistry and robust strength that only this timeless beauty can offer.

These unique features in wrought iron not only provide a secure option for your property but also elevate its aesthetic appeal.

At IRONSTYLE, we proudly manufacture and install a comprehensive array of wrought iron security solutions across Perth. Our aim is to integrate safety without compromising the elegance of your home or office.

For window grills and security doors that seamlessly blend style with security, take a look at our product range.

Benefits & Features

  • Stunning Aesthetics: Wrought iron security window grilles and doors are not just about protection. They’re also about adding a touch of elegance and grandeur to the entry points of your home or office, making it both aesthetically appealing and functional for use.
  • Uncompromised Views: Our wrought iron designs ensure you won’t have to compromise on natural light or views, letting you enjoy the scenery while feeling safe.
  • Custom Craftsmanship: Every space evokes a particular kind of ambience. With our bespoke designs, we guarantee that we can create an environment that’s both unique and enchanting. Our range includes standard window bars, decorative trims, spirals, scrolls, leaves, and more.
  • Robust Physical Security: The strength of wrought iron steel security doors, combined with our meticulous design, makes it a formidable barrier against unwanted intruders even with the windows open.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting: All our products are hot-dipped galvanised, ensuring they remain rust-proof. Paired with our quality powder coating, longevity is a given.

Why Choose Us?

  • Legacy of Excellence: Since 1984, Ironstyle has been a beacon of unmatched craftsmanship, setting standards in wrought iron, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel creations.
  • Customised Elegance: Whether it’s a cosy residence or an expansive commercial property, we tailor our solutions to resonate with your vision and bring life to the existing architecture of the space.
  • Broad Design Spectrum: From classic to contemporary, our portfolio spans a wide range of styles, ensuring every client finds their perfect match.
  • Holistic Expertise: Our comprehensive approach, from initial sketches to final installation, ensures precision at every step. We partner with property owners, builders, and architects to bring visions to life.
  • Innovative Craftsmanship: While our roots are in traditional wrought iron, we’re always looking forward, embracing contemporary designs and techniques to stay at the industry’s cutting edge.
  • Passion & Precision: Every project at Ironstyle is treated with dedication and care. Our commitment to personal consultations and detailed craftsmanship ensures your vision is realised to perfection.

Wrought Iron Window & Security Grills: A Statement of Class & Assurance

Wrought iron grills and security doors are more than just protective barriers. They’re statements. Symbols of a home or office that values both beauty and security.

With IRONSTYLE, you get the best of both worlds. Our legacy, stretching back to 1984, has been about infusing properties with elegance while ensuring they stand as impenetrable fortresses.

From classic residences to modern commercial spaces, our wrought iron creations bring a touch of class and peace of mind to every establishment.

Choose wrought iron for an experience of sophistication coupled with safety. Let us be your trusted partner in this journey.

Reach out to us today, and let’s craft a future where your property shines with elegance and assurance.

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