Affordable & Durable Aluminium Balustrades in Perth

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High-Quality Aluminium Balustrades for Peth Homes

At Iron Style, we supply expertly crafted aluminium balustrades in a variety of stylish designs, ranging from traditional variants to the more contemporary aesthetic used in newly built Australian homes. We not only manufacture aluminium balustrades in Perth but also supply other types of fencing as well, including durable fencing for pools to keep your children safe.

Apart from being a highly cost-effective way to provide necessary safety and security to your premises, our options for aluminium balustrades in Perth will enhance the beauty and appearance of your property with the simple elegance this product is famous for around the world. For those who want an unobstructed view (e.g. pool fencing to supervise children); we also offer stylish glass-framed options. These options are highly durable against the outdoor elements they will be exposed to, ensuring that your investment lasts no matter where you are located.

Get the Exact Finish to Suit Your Taste & Preference

Our aluminium balustrades in Perth and other types of fencing/privacy screens can be customised with powder coated colours, or with durable wrapping that imitates the look of real timber. These options allow you to enjoy the affordability and ease of installation of aluminium while also getting something that fits with the style of your home.

The powder coating finish provides an attractive, smooth and silky finish, and once coated is not going to require re-painting later on. The magnificent Interpon colour range we supply gives you the freedom to create the look you desire using a variety of natural colours that blend into the environment and can be seamlessly coordinated with other elements to create a uniform aesthetic. For those wishing to achieve a natural timber look, our products can be vinyl wrapped in a variety of convincing timber shades that add the rustic charm you are looking for.

Get Superior Australian-made Aluminium Balustrades in Perth

Our fencing products are all Australian-made and are guaranteed to meet Australian industry standards. At Iron Style, safety and quality is always our number one priority, and this is why we don’t re-sell inferior imported products or use substandard imported materials in our manufacturing.

The materials we use are both versatile and highly durable, ensuring that the products we supply you with will last the test of time. Our expertly-crafted aluminium balustrades in Perth require low maintenance. They are highly resistant to both corrosion and the harsh environmental conditions they will be exposed to, especially in the Western Australian climate. Unlike many other substandard materials, ours will not swell, crack, split or warp over time. This allows you and your family to get maximum use out of the product that protects your investment for many years to come and provides peace of mind if/when you decide to sell.

Why Iron Style?

At Iron Style, we’ve been proudly supplying wrought iron fencing and other products like aluminium balustrades across Perth and its suburbs since 1984. That’s almost 40 year’s in the local industry, and we have a stellar reputation amongst the local community to match those decades of sincere service.

Our customers don’t just trust us because we’ve been in business a long time, but because we have consistently manufactured and supplied high-quality products, including aluminium balustrades for Perth homes that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are durable. Safety and quality is always our top priority with every last one of our products, and our guarantee to you is that we never compromise on that front.

We aim to ensure our customers feel they received a good deal and that their investment will meet all their future needs. This is why we emphasise the long-term durability and maintainability of our wrought iron, stainless steel, glass, and aluminium balustrades in Perth.

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