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History and Manufacturing of Wrought Iron

manufacturing of wrought iron

Origins of Wrought Iron

The word “wrought iron” literally means “worked iron” and is used more specifically for finished iron goods, as manufactured by a black smith. It has been used for many centuries, starting from bridges, anchor chains, ironclad war ships and railway use. Many other items produces from manufacturing of wrought iron before they came to be made out of steel included rivets, nails, wire, chains, rails, railway couplings, nuts, bolts, horseshoes and ornamental iron work.

Wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile, corrosion-resistant and easily welded. Before the development of effective methods of steel making and the availability of large quantities of steel, wrought iron was the most common form of malleable iron.

A wrought iron product is one that has been mechanically worked by forging, extruding, rolling, hammering, etc to change its form and properties. Wrought iron is a particular worked iron product that requires special skills and techniques to be produced.

Ironstyle Wrought Iron Manufacturing

Our wrought iron products (wrought iron fences and gates, handrails, security doors and windows) are manufactured from raw material and not pre galvanized material. This is due to the fact that all external works will need to be hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing where various techniques and phases are involved. Working on a pre galvanized material where hammering, bending, rolling and welding is done, these actions would strip the galvanizing causing it to rust. As such, we galvanize only after all works are completed to ensure that they’re durable and are long lasting.

There are not many wrought iron manufacturers now in the market due to the fact that black smiths have lost their valuable place in the industry. The current trend of modern designs which include glass, stainless steel balustrades and aluminium balustrades, fences and gates requires very little demand of this reputable skill and talent. Regardless of changing times and trends, the glory and beauty of wrought iron products remain as captivating as ever.

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