Wrought Iron Security Doors and Grills for Home Safety

wrought iron security doorsDoors and windows are among the most important areas of the home to secure but unfortunately, security doors and window grills often sacrifice aesthetics and do little to add value to the appearance of any home. Fortunately, with the timeless beauty of wrought iron, you can blend style with substance acting as an attractive and secure option to safe guard the entry points to any home.

Our Wrought Iron Security Products

At Ironstyle here in Perth, we manufacture and install wrought iron security doors and windows. Our wrought iron security doors and window grills allow view and are a perfect compromise to boost the physical security of any home without resorting to creating a prison environment that would work in harmony with the existing architecture of the property.

All our wrought iron security doors and window grills are designed to blend seamlessly with the building and the beauty of wrought iron works well with most of other building materials. Ranging from timber, brickwork, cement and stone or even glass, wrought iron compliments beautifully, enhancing the majestic elegant appearance of the home. Each design of the wrought iron security grills and doors can be personalised with unique features which include decorative trims, spirals, scrolls, leaves, etc.

The most important feature to be noted is that this security option will not restrict the view, air or light into the home making it perfectly safe to have your doors and windows open. With the security door locked, safety is not compromised when the front door is left opened.

Gone are the days where security doors and windows represented the “ jailhouse” look with the standard window bars. Thankfully, with wrought iron, designs with ornaments can be created letting your imagination go wild with fresh new ideas. All our wrought iron security doors and window grills are hot dipped galvanized to ensure that they’re rust proof before being powder coated.