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May 30, 2015



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Here at Ironstyle, we create automatic /motorized or electric gates and fences from almost any type of material ; wrought iron gates, aluminium gates, stainless steel gates and more. With lots of options and flexibility and apart from our standard designs available, your choice of automatic / motorized or electric gates is endless.

Installing an automatic /motorized / electric gate is an investment for a variety of reasons, and when it comes to the safety and security of your family, peace of mind is priceless. An automatic gate on your driveway will certainly restrict unwanted vehicle and pedestrian access to your property which means you, your family, your house and your possessions will be more safe and secure. Other than security, another benefit of an automatic gate is safety. Thanks to automatic gates for driveways, you won’t have to leave your car to get into your driveway. This will save time when you’re in a hurry or when it’s raining or even when it’s late at night and potentially unsafe, also when back home, there wouldn’t be a need to go back and shut the gate either. Opening and closing would just be a matter of pressing a button.

In addition to your own safety, the automatic gate also prevents small children from wandering onto the streets or chasing a ball into oncoming traffic. It would also keep unwanted people or animals away from children. Your pets would also be safe on your property and the automatic gate will also prevent other animals from entering your property and fighting with your pets.
Automatic / motorized / electric gates can certainly improve the overall look of your property which would result in a higher value of your property. A gate is an important feature that can attract potential buyers because of its functional benefits as well as aesthetic appeal. Installing automatic / motorized / electrical gates may lower your insurance premiums too, as the insurance companies are well aware of the benefits of these types of gates and how they can improve your security.
There are 2 main types of automatic gates which differ in their mode of opening ; namely swing gate which normally opens outwards or inwards and the other being the sliding gate which is the best option when there is insufficient room for the gates to open outwards or inwards. These gates can be connected to an intercom system for added convenience. We only use South African and Italian motors for our gates as they’re renowned for their reliability and are noise free. We also use hinges and bolts that are of good quality that last long and most importantly safe, as these are the hinges that are engineered to take the stress out of these sometimes heavy gates.
Based on the technology used for the movement of the pistons, it is possible to distinguish automatic gates with hydraulic operation or electromechanical operation. The former can generate high levels of torque and are usually the choice for larger and heavier structures. Electromechanical systems are characterized by their convenience and are ideal for lighter automatic gates, such as those for residential use.

Through special motion sensors, the motors for automatic gates are able to detect obstacles, stopping immediately if objects, animals or people were present along their course. To prevent intrusion attempts, it is possible to program the automatic closing of the gate just after the passage or if preferred following a pre selected time interval. Thanks to radio technology, it is also easy to connect your video surveillance system to the automatic gate and check, even from a distance that it is properly closed. In the event of any power failures on the electrical system, the movement of automatic / motorized / electric gates is not compromised as all motors are equipped with a release device which allows the gate to be opened manually. The most innovative ones incorporate an emergency battery which guarantees the function of the automatic gate for several hours during power failure.
Like any device, subject to continuous use, even motorized gates require adequate maintenance. Fortunately, the most modern automation mechanisms can boast of good reliability and long life. However, it is important to keep them periodically clean and lubricated. Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the life of the automatic gate, avoiding expensive breakdown and repairs.

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